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Become a distributor/wholesaler of our products

Are you looking for profitable distribution opportunities? You have a strong network of independent partners, affiliates and selected retail stores? We have a strong focus on the development of our international B2B business and our sales relationship withdistribution entrepreneurs. We regard it as a core task to provide assistance, so that you can market our products successfully in your area, and to give you the support you need, in order to grow your distributing business,with a long-term perspective as a trusted and valued distributor.

Why distributing our products?

  • Our business success is based on a strong international sales network of distributions.
  • We area Leading “one-stop-solution” provider in:
    • Food & Beverages’ Packaging
    • Industrial Supplies
    • Medical & Protective Equipment in Europe
  • We have an impressive track record in creating value for professional quality-oriented distributors in many countries.
  • We continuously maintain and improve our cooperation partnerships,in order to provide our sales partners with new market chances.
  • We expand our product portfolio, to enable our international partners to cover the needs of a broad target group.
  • We find it crucial to continuously launch new products, which are innovative and address current market demands.

Learn more about our distribution partnership

Are you interested in becoming our distribution partner in your area? Have a look at our business benefits: Whether you want to expand the product range of your distributorship or to launch new business undertakings, we give you the support you need and offer a one-stop solution, providing sustainably manufactured products, comprehensive services and marketing support. You profit from a business model, that is designed to give you the opportunity to build a fruitful distribution in a growing market segment.

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