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With window

With window

Elevate your takeaway offerings with our "With Window" Kraft Paper Containers, a masterful blend of convenience, visibility, and quality. Crafted from kraft paper with a protective PE coating, these containers feature a single or double PET window that showcases your delectable creations while maintaining their freshness. Whether it's sandwiches, wraps, salads, or other culinary delights, these containers offer an enticing preview of what's inside. Both single and double window options are thoughtfully designed for easy stacking, optimizing storage space in your establishment. Moreover, our kraft wedge containers are a versatile solution for sandwiches. Featuring a unique triangular design and a clear viewing window, these containers provide a quick and convenient way for customers to identify the contents of your pre-made sandwiches. The wide base of the wedge container ensures stability on refrigerated display shelves, adding a touch of professionalism to your offerings. The one-piece, kraft paperboard construction boasts quality and single-service utility, while the PE coating prevents grease from seeping through. Experience the convenience and visual appeal that these containers bring to your deli, convenience store, food truck, concession stand, or kiosk.
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