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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Our Sustainability Initiatives

At PickUrPack, we believe in the importance of the corporate social and environmental responsibility. We strive to make a positive impact on the communities we operate in, giving them a right example through implementing ethical, sustainable, and socially responsible practices.

Environment is the first key pillar of CSR.

We seek to minimize our environmental footprint through eco-friendly tactics. From choosing recyclable materials for our packaging, to promoting waste reduction and responsible resource management, we are dedicated to preserve the planet for future generations. A remarkable percentage of our products is FSC certified, while the brand Tessera is the market’s cornerstone of sustainable food packaging solutions.

Society’s motivation for environmental consciousness is another pillar of our CSR.

We prioritize social responsibility by supporting local communities and initiatives. Organizing and participating in clean-up events, planting trees in fertile soil, adopting animals at risk of extinction to ensure their protection, are some of the actions we took on the previous years with the aim of making a meaningful and positive environmental impact on the society. Αll were conducted with wide participation of all staff, but also at the invitation of volunteers.

Focusing on human capital is one more pillar on our social responsibility.

We regularly educate our staff on developments and innovations on various social and environmental issues, like Circular Economy, through seminars and workshops. We also share blog posts through our website concerning environmental issues, giving people the chance to educate themselves and expand their knowledge. 

Furthermore, we are committed to ensuring ethical behaviors across our supply chain. We carefully select our suppliers and engage in transparent and responsible business relationships. We value diversity, inclusivity, and fair treatment of all individuals involved in our operations. 

Striving always for more, we are continuously working on improving our CSR efforts. We actively seek partnerships with organizations and projects that promote education, health, and social well-being. Through these collaborations, we aim to contribute to the betterment of society and empower individuals and communities.

Together, we pick a better pack for the future generations! A pack full of respect, empathy and comprehension to the whole society and the environment.