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Fideos - Kebab - Pasta - Arroz - Papas fritas

Fideos - Kebab - Pasta - Arroz - Papas fritas

Discover the ultimate convenience and versatility of our Noodles - Kebab - Pasta - Rice - Fries Kraft Paper Containers. Crafted from sturdy cardboard and enhanced with an anti-grease film interior (PE coating), these containers boast a natural brown exterior that exudes rustic charm. The closed container design with a leak-proof, round bottom ensures that the temperature of hot to-go dishes is preserved for extended periods. Our packaging offers a host of advantages, including universality, aesthetic appeal, greaseproof protection, secure and convenient closure for safe transportation, leak resistance, and the flexibility to serve both hot and cold dishes. Whether it's kebabs with fries, pasta with rich sauces, tantalizing vegan creations, Asian or Italian delicacies, or vibrant salads, these containers rise to the occasion. Additionally, if you're in the business of serving delectable fries, our cardboard cones are a game-changer. Ideal for various types of fries, churros, chicken nuggets, and more, these cones ensure a delightful experience for your customers. Choose from different sizes and options, with or without sauce, making dipping a hassle-free delight.
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