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Black PP Sip Lid

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90 mm Box of 2000 pcs

Price per Box

Piece €0.0257 / Piece
Package 1 Package = 100pcs - €2.57 / Package
Box 1 Box = 20 Packages - €51.3 / Box
€51.32 €0.0257 / piece, No VAT included

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About the product

Introducing our PP Black Sip Lid, meticulously designed with a 90mm diameter to seamlessly fit 12 and 16oz Disposable Paper Coffee and Tea Cups, as well as any paper cups with a diameter of 90mm. Elevate your drinking experience with these lids featuring an elevated spout for comfortable and enjoyable sipping. Designed for convenience, these ventilated lids ensure an uninterrupted and smooth flow of your favorite beverages. The tightly-sealed construction is engineered to lock in hot beverages securely, preventing leaks and spills. Specifically crafted for our disposable coffee cups, these recyclable black plastic lids provide a secure fit, minimizing the risk of spills during transport and reducing the potential for accidental messes and burns. Made with the environment in mind, these lids are constructed with 100% recyclable plastic, offering an easy way to reduce your impact on the environment. The stackable design makes them conveniently space-saving for storage. Mix and match with our variety of coffee cup styles and colors to create the perfect combination for your unique preferences. Experience the perfect blend of functionality, reliability, and environmental consciousness with our PP Black Sip Lid. Say goodbye to spills and inconvenience, and make every sip a delightful experience with these thoughtfully crafted lids. Choose quality, choose convenience, choose our PP Black Sip Lid for your on-the-go beverage moments.
51 Recyclable
54 Suitable for hot contents
55 Suitable for cold contents
56 Suitable for liquid foods
63 Resistant to oils and fats
Food Safe

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More Information

Unit Weight 2.8 g
Box Βarcode 15206970040202
Width 9 cm
Height 2.1 cm
Lenght 9 cm
Piece Diameter 90 mm
Material PP
Box Quantity 2000
Piece Per Package 100
Packages Per Box 20
MIN Temperature -5°C
MAX Temperature +95°C
Color Black
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