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Sugarcane Lid Triangle Design

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90 mm Box of 1000 pcs

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Piece €0.0443 / Piece
Package 1 Package = 50pcs - €2.22 / Package
Box 1 Box = 20 Packages - €44.3 / Box
€44.32 €0.0443 / piece, No VAT included
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About the product

Introducing our Sugar Cane Coffee Cup Lids, a practical and sustainable choice for your disposable tableware needs. Crafted from sugar cane fibers through an innovative production process, these lids stand out for their plastic-free composition and absence of harmful substances. With a superior stability compared to paper lids, they are an eco-conscious alternative to traditional disposable plastic lids. Ideal for both cold and warm beverages such as coffee, tea, cocoa, or soft drinks, these lids are versatile for various drink options. Designed with convenience in mind, these sugar cane lids are ideal for on-the-go consumption, making them perfect for restaurants, cafes, bakeries, snacks, catering, or larger events. Their stackable, lightweight, and robust nature ensures ease of use and transport. Additionally, their biodegradable nature allows for composting after use, making sustainability effortless without the need for subsidies outlined in the SUP Act—the directive on single-use plastic products. Enjoy your favorite beverages without compromising on taste or aroma, as these lids have no discernible impact on the flavor of your delicious drink. With a great fit for all 8oz cups or any cup with a diameter of 80 mm, and now also available for 12oz and 16oz cups or any cup with a diameter of 90 mm, these sugar cane coffee cup lids from are the epitome of functionality, sustainability, and practicality for your disposable packaging needs.
50 Biodegradable
51 Recyclable
53 Industrial Compostable
54 Suitable for hot contents
55 Suitable for cold contents
56 Suitable for liquid foods
63 Resistant to oils and fats
Food Safe

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More Information

Unit Weight 5 g
Box Βarcode 15206970600130
Width 9 cm
Height 2.5 cm
Lenght 9 cm
Piece Diameter 90 mm
Material Bagasse - Sugarcane
Box Quantity 1000
Piece Per Package 50
Packages Per Box 20
MIN Temperature -5°C
MAX Temperature +90°C
Color Beige
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  1. Sugarcane Lid Triangle Design
    Q0080B Sugarcane Lid Triangle Design 80 mm Box of 1000 pcs
    €41.82 €0.0418 / piece, No VAT included